Proceedings of the 41st Australian Conference of Economists

The Future of Economics: Research, Policy and Relevance

Editors: Jamie Doughney and Tran Van Hoa
Faculty of Business and Law, Victoria University

ISBN 978-1-86272-695-6
Published by Victoria University, Melbourne, 2012

Editors’ Note: All papers in the proceedings have been subjected to a rigorous peer-review process. The editors would like to thank all reviewers, national and international, for their time and support.


No  MS  Title  Part  Full Name  Other Authors  Download 
001    ACE2012 Contents - Title Page      Download
002    ACE2012  Foreword   Tran Van Hoa and Jamie Doughney   Download 
004    EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION TO PART 2: ECONOMIC THEORY 2 Tran Van Hoa and Jamie Doughney   Download
005  33  The “Exorbitant Privilege”: A Theoretical Exposition 2 Wenli Cheng Dingsheng Zhang Download
006  35 Towards learning standards in undergraduate economics in Australia 2 Ross Guest   Download
007  47 The Microfoundations Delusion 2 John Edward King   Download
008  49 Developing a Relativistic Approach to Economics 2 Matthias Lennig   Download
009  110 Marx's Commodity, General Equilibrium Theory and Labour as the Substance of Value 2 Pablo Emiliano Ahumada   Download
010  146 Economic Pluralism and ‘Economics’ versus ‘Political Economy’ in Australian Universities 2 Tim Bruce Thornton   Download
011  203 Has the Washington Consensus Collapsed? 2 Graham Dunkley   Download
012  206 The effect of the inclusion of uncertainty on the optimal allocation of resources to climate change mitigation and adaptation programs 2 Bryan Maybee Daniel Packey
013  225 John Stuart Mill and the Stimulus: What Classical Economists Once Knew that Modern Theory has Forgotten 2 Steven Kates   Download
014  228 The problem of public good(s) in higher education 2 Simon Marginson   Download
015    EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION TO PART 3: CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES 3 Tran Van Hoa and Jamie Doughney   Download
016  39 Modelling the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGER) Energy Consumpion Under-Coverage 3 Kay Cao Jason Wong, Anil Kumar
017  84 A Comparison of the Effects of Climate Change on Aus, Aman and Boro Rice Yields in Bangladesh: Evidence from Panel Data 3 Md Abdur Rashid Sarker Khorshed Alam, Geff Gow
018  88 Renewable Energy Consumption Amongst Countries: Decomposition, Inequality and Polarization 3 Siang Leng Wong Wai Mun Chia;Youngho Chang
019  95 Seeing Water in a Spatial and Temporal Perspective: The Residential Demand for Water in Regional Victoria 3 Ruth Williams Nathaniel Mountjoy
020  98 Oil and Carbon Prices: Asymmetries, Instability and Spillovers 3 Kyung Hwan Yoon Roger Ham, Ronald A Ratti
021  106 Leveraging an Economic Computational Model to Enhance the Theory of Climate-induced Conflicts 3 Behrooz Hassani Mahmooei   Download
022  124 Oil price shocks and volatility in Australian stock returns 3 Ronald A Ratti M. Zahid Hasan
023  127 Oil Market Reforms, Immunity against Oil Crisis and Economic Growth: Evidence from Australia, 1970-2010 3 Xin Zheng   Download
024  134 Urban Density and Climate Change: A STIRPAT Analysis using City-level Data 3 Brantley Liddle   Download
025  157 The end of certainty and the economics of adaptation to climate change 3 Leo Dobes Don Gunasekera, Jack Katzfey, Kathy McInnes
026  170 Relationship between CO2 emissions and income in Australia: Is there any evidence of an EKC? 3 MD Shahiduzzaman Khorshed Alam
027  183 Obligatory indicators: pressure or leniency? An analysis on provincial energy-saving in the period of China’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan 3 Yuzhe Wang Jing Zhao
028  186 Financing Adaptation to Climate-Induced Retreat from Coastal Inundation and Erosion 3 Leo Dobes Le Ma
029  208 Climate change impacts on the Australian dairy sector: An integrated analysis 3 Don Gunasekera   Download
030  222 A Growing Pain: An Experimental Approach to Discover the Most Acceptable Strategy for Lifting Fuel Subsidy Scheme in Indonesia 3 Rimawan Pradiptyo Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo
031  EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION TO PART 4: MACROECONOMIC POLICY 4 Tran Van Hoa and Jamie Doughney   Download
032  9 An Empirical Study on Liquidity and Bank Lending 4 Koray Alper Timur Hulagu, Gursu Keles
033  25 Measuring the Banking Efficiency and Productivity Changes Using the Hicks-Moorsteen Approach: The Case of Iran 4 Amir Arjomandi Charles Harvie, Abbas Valadkhani
034  32 The Political Economy of Economic Crisis and Policy Response Formulation in Malaysia 4 Anita Doraisami   Download
035  43 Domestic Systemically Important Banks: An Indicator-Based Measurement Approach for the Australian Banking System 4 Patrick Brämer Horst Gischer
036  56 Foreign Ownership in Australian Firms 4 Anil V Mishra   Download
037  59 Human capital externalities, departmental co-authorship and research productivity 4 Frank Neri Joan Rodgers
038  63 Is Corruption Always Growth-Inhibitory? A Cross-National Study In Non-Linear Frame Work 4 Shrabani Saha Girijashankar Mallik
088 130  What Explains Differences in the Cost Efficiency of Banks? An Empirical Study on Jordan  Sriram Shankar  Ammar Jreisat; Satya Paul  Download 
039  67 The Collapse of the US Labour Market: Unemployment and Long Term Unemployment in the Great Recession 4 Pramod (Raja) N. Junankar   Download
040  79 Landlockedness on Economic Growth: New Evidence 4 Ramesh Chandra Paudel   Download
041  92 The Fiscal Cost of Central Bank's Foreign Reserves: The Case of Brazil 4 Patrick Carvalho   Download
042  109 The Impact of China’s Rural Labor Migration on RMB Real Exchange Rate: an analysis Based on the Lewis Model and Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson Model 4 Xiaolin Xiao Gordon Douglas Menzies
043  133 Foreign Exchange Intervention and Volatility: Evidence from an Emerging Market 4 Renee Fry Smila Wanaguru 
044  140 Multifactor productivity at the sub-national level in Australia 4 Michael Cunningham Diab Harb
045  152 Differences in the driver of GDP per capita growth across industries 4 Emily Josephine Pye   Download
046  169 Sovereign Risk and the Impact of Crisis: Evidence from Latin America 4 Jonathan Batten Kannan Thuraisamy, Gerard Gannon
047  171 Fertility, Child Custody and Household Bargaining 4 Hayley Fisher   Download
048  177 The influence of financial structure on the dividend level: Cross country comparison 4 Antonija Kozul Silvije Orsag
049  184 What determines investment in Australia: the role of the stock market, uncertainty and market imperfections 4 Thang Long Tran Sarah J. Carrington
050  185 The Role of Credit Market Frictions in the Australian Economy 4 Vanessa Rayner David Jacobs
051  212 Stock Market and GDP Growth Volatility Spillovers 4 Indika Karunanayake Abbas Valadkhani, Martin O'Brien
052  223 Can Institutions Explain Cross Country Differences in Innovative Activity? 4 Cong Wang   Download
053  EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION TO PART 5: MICROECONOMIC POLICY 5 Tran Van Hoa and Jamie Doughney   Download
054  2 Efficiency of Infrastructure Provision: Australia, States and Territories 5 Amani Elnasri   Download
055  29 New approaches for pricing electricity in Australia – equitably reducing the costs associated with peak demand 5 Tim Nelson Fiona Orton
056  31 Evaluation of the financial impact of electricity subsidy on the returns of tubewell owners and water buyers under declining watertables in Balochistan, Pakistan 5 Syed M Khair Richard J Culas, Shahbaz Mushtaq
057  37 Sectoral J-Curve Effects: Evidence from Australia 5 Albert Wijeweera Brian E Dollery
058  48 Does the Linder Hypothesis Hold for Service Trade? 5 Shi Young Lee Sung Hee Jun; Daeyoung Kim
059  60 Passenger Rail Demand in Perth: A Time Series Analysis 5 Michael Bernard Charles Albert Wijeweera
060  76 Regulating Digital Commercial Piracy: An ex-post analysis 5 Ishita Chatterjee   Download
061  77 Estimating the value of patent rights in Australia 5 Changtao Wang   Download
062  91 A Regional General Equilibrium Analysis of the 2011 Queensland Flood Disaster 5 Justin Hartley Mathew Thomas, Dewan Mushtaq
063  113 Engel curves for Bangladesh: A nonparametric analysis with 2010 HIES data 5 Syed Abul Hasan   Download
064  142 Strengthening understanding of Transport’s contribution to the economy: The case for Transport Satellite Accounts 5 Philip Norman Edward K McGeehan, Gavin Mak, Andrew W Maurer, John Michael Murray
065  154 Drivers of Product Innovation by Australian SMEs: The Importance of Managerial Attitude 5 Cheyne Buckley Ishita Chatterjee
066  172 Auctions with an Informed Seller: Disclosed vs Secret Reserve Prices 5 Abhijit Sengupta   Download
067  199 The Link between Innovation and Export: Evidence from Australia’s Small and Medium Enterprises 5 Alfons Palangkaraya   Download
068  211 When does a freight subsidy improve welfare?             5 Mike Smart   Download
069  214 Technical Efficiency Performance of Thai Manufacturing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises 5 Teerawat Charoenrat Charles Harvie
070  216 Scale, Scope, Efficiency and Equity in Public Service Provision: How might we analyse the 1898 Consolidation of New York City? 5 Cameron Gordon   Download
071  221 The effect of female and male health on economic growth: cross-country evidence within a production function framework 5 Gazi Mainul Hassan Arusha V Cooray Download
072  EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION TO PART 6: WELFARE ISSUES 6 Tran Van Hoa and Jamie Doughney Download
073  16 Equality of Opportunity, Relative Bi-Polarization and the Middle Class in Latin America: A Look at the First Decade of the Twenty First Century 6 Joseph Deutsch Jacques Silber Download
074  27 Skilled-Unskilled Wage Inequality, Technological Progress and Factor Mobility 6 Sajid Anwar Jingjing Zhang Download
075  28 Dowry Stature Link: Theory & Evidence 6 Amarendra Sharma Paul Frijters Download
076  73 Calculating Poverty Measures from the Generalized Beta Income Distribution 6 Wasana Karunarathne D.S. Prasada Rao, Duangkamon Chotkapanich, William Griffiths Download
077  75 Understanding rising top income shares using panel cointegration methods 6 Timothy Jon Raymond Neal   Download
078  93 Skills, Occupation Inequality and Development 6 MingLiang Frank Shao Yan Wang Download
079  118 The immigrant wage gap and assimilation in Australia: the impact of unobserved heterogeneity 6 Robert Breunig Mosfequs Salehin Download
080  131 Emotional temperature, probabilistic choice, and the optimal power of incentives 6 Suren Basov   Download
081  138 First estimates of a Cultural Consumption Price Index by Australian region 6 Jason Potts Trent MacDonald Download
082  139 Price dynamics of musical revolutions: An econometric analysis 6 Trent MacDonald Jason Potts Download
083  143 The economic impact of the National Disability Insurance Scheme 6 Brendan Long   Download
084  145 What is a high school worth?: A model of Australian private secondary school fees 6 Jenny Ngaire Lye Joe Hirschberg  Download
085  190 Measurement and Trends of Poverty Intensity in Iran (1984-2007) 6 Elnaz Entezar   Download
086  207 Impact of Elasticities of Substitution, Technical Change, and Labour Regulations on Labour Welfare in Indian Industries 6 Nitin Gupta   Download
087  226 Modelling the excess burden of royalties: J Pincus and H Ergas 6 Jonathan Pincus Henry Ergas Download
089  155  Squeezed in and squeezed out: retirement systems and the effects of population ageing on the demand for housing  Andrew Coleman    Download 
090 147  Is it all in our heads? A brief survey of neuroeconomics  Sukanto Bhattacharya  Kuldeep Kumar, Renato Alas, Martins Munirul, Haque Nabin  Download    |    Ph: +61 3 9895 4471    |    Fax: +61 3 9898 0249    |    ACE2012 ©

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